Easter 2019
 The Resurrection is Real!
Finances.  War.  Cancer.  Crime.  Loneliness.  Failure.  Death. 
What is it for you?  What keeps you up at night? 

Jesus came into our weary, worrisome world to face our biggest fears.  In his resurrection, he conquered them all.   United to him through faith, we can let go of all the things that burden us.   Mt. Calvary invites you to join us this Easter Sunday as we celebrate the One whose life means the death of fear.  

April 18 - Maundy Thursday @ 6:30PM - Jesus showed the disciples the full extent of his love, washed their feet, gave them a new meal of forgiveness (Holy Communion), and willingly allowed himself to be betrayed into the hands of his enemies.

April 19 - Good Friday @7:30PM - Service of Darkness and the 7 Words from the Cross. 
This service incorporates elements which have been part of Good Friday worship for almost 2,000 years. We hear sections from the books of Psalms and Lamentations calling us to repentance and trust in God’s promised salvation. We also ponder the Seven Words Jesus spoke from the cross. Our adult choir lifts their voices on this solemn day of victory.
April 21 - Easter Sunday
Sunrise Vigil for the Faithful @ 7:30AM
The practice of gathering early in the morning goes back to the early days of Christianity when believers would gather for prayer and Scripture reading. These gatherings were called “vigils.” Our Easter “vigil” aka “sunrise service” mirrors these ancient customs for the strengthening of our faith and waiting on Christ’s deliverance. He lives to rescue us from death itself. We will also partake of the blessings of Christ through Holy Communion in this service.
Festival of the Resurrection @ 10:00AM - 
This is the highpoint of our Christian year. Jesus rose victorious over death and has fully paid for our  sins. We gather to sing familiar songs, meditate on his Word, and listen to the praises of our choir and church band. Please join us and invite a friend. An Easter Egg Hunt will follow the service for our youngsters.

Free Easter Breakfast 8:30 to 10am

Easter Egg Hunt for Kids after 10am service (11:15am)