About Pre-K
Mission Statement
Mount Calvary Lutheran Early Childhood Education Center exists to teach young children about the love of Jesus Christ, the Savior and to provide a well-balanced education that is dedicated to excellence.


Admissions Statement
Mount Calvary Lutheran Early Childhood Education Center exists to nurture spiritual growth and provide a quality education that is dedicated to excellence to all children of any race, color, creed, and nation ethnic origin. The center is licensed to care for three, four, and five year olds. A child must be reliably potty trained to attend Mount Calvary. 

State Licensed Center
Mount Calvary Lutheran Early Childhood Education Center is a State of California licensed Early Childhood Center (license number 451373130). The center is required to provide parents and guardians with certain information regarding personal rights and child’s rights. This information is provided to you in the enrollment packet and is also posted in the classroom. In order to meet state requirements, all children enrolled need to have the enrollment packet completed before beginning pre-k. Mount Calvary is required by law to inform you that a licensing agent has the right to review a child’s file or ask a child questions without prior consent.
Mount Calvary Lutheran Early Childhood Education Center’s foundational philosophy is:
The role of a teacher is to assist the parents in nurturing the child with early learning experiences
Early learning experiences are based on hands-on, minds-on activities that develop the whole child (spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social development)
A child develops best in an environment filled with Christian love, care, trust, and respect
Open communication between the teacher and parents or guardians is key to building a successful team of learning
Children learn best through hands-on, minds-on learning experiences. Developmentally appropriate curriculum guides the learning experiences. The following is a list of curriculum and learning objectives used at Mount Calvary ECE Center:
 Little Lambs (Jesus Time)
  • Understand God’s love and forgiveness
  • Articulate the Gospel in a nutshell and recite simple Bible verses
  • Trust in Jesus as their Savior
  • Trust in God’s plan and purpose
  • Pray to God, trust that God hears and answers all prayers
  • Restate Bible lessons and understand the lessons as truth
  • Sing praises to God
 HighScope (Sense of Self, Science, Social, Math, and Art)
  • Demonstrate an interest in the world around them through observation
  • Understand that each child is a unique creation of God
  • Show love and kindness to friends and teachers
  • Develop independence and confidence in self
  • Demonstrate attention skills
  • Model self-control skills and problem solving skills
  • Demonstrate organizational skills
  • Differentiate between good and bad choices
  • Identify and write numbers 1-20 (one-to-one correspondence)
  • Name and draw shapes
  • Illustrate thoughts through art
  • Establish plans for plan time
  • Recall plans for plan time
SuperKids (Language Arts)
  • Identify letter names and letter sounds
  • Write letters
  • Dictate sentences to the teacher
 SPARK (Physical Education)
  • Portray healthy living choices
  • Acquire various ways to move bodies
 Sing and Make Music (Music)
  • Express a love for music
  • Comprehend simple music techniques
Enrollment Options
The following are enrollment options at Mount Calvary. A child must be at least three years of age and reliably potty trained.
Academic Morning Session 8:00am-11:00am
 Academic Full Day 8:00am-2:45pm
5 Days, 3 Days (Monday-Wednesday-Friday), or 2 Days (Tuesday & Thursday)
Before School (7:30am-7:45am) & After School (2:45pm-5:30pm)