Starting Point Class: Life's Big Questions
 Life's BIG Questions
Life is full of questions to think about: why am I here?  where am I going? It’s not just weather than can send a cold chill down your spine. Uncertainty is a bad feeling. But God has answers and direction—all centered in the Bible. We are having a FREE class about real issues as we seek to answer “Life’s Biggest Questions.”  This class is a “Starting Point” class for spiritual life, a way to come closer to Jesus Christ, and also a chance to join our congregation family at Mount Calvary if you’re interested.
When?  Tuesdays, starting February 5 @ 6:30 to 8PM (for about 12 weeks)

Where? Our place: Mt. Calvary - 3961 Alta Mesa Dr, Redding

Why? Pastor Ben Schaefer will teach “Life’s Big Questions.” Call or email ( to register or ask questions. Here's a brief outline of the discussions we hope to have in each session.

1 - What happens when I die?
2 - How did I get here?
3 - What's wrong with the world and how do we fix it?
4 - How do I get ready to die?
5 - Can I get a fresh start in life?
6 - Will God really forgive my sins?
7 - What does God expect from me?
8 - What am I here to do (part 1)?
9 - What am I here to do (part 2)?
10 - Is anybody listening to me?
11 - Where do I belong?
12 - Open Session for YOUR Questions

***FREE childcare provided***


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